Loading ASP.Net web page(s) faster

The following will help in loading a web page faster.

  • Always add javascript code at the end of a web page.

Add javascript code between end tags of the body and html tags. Browser loads DOM objects first and javascript code later. This will avoid blank browser loading page and user can see HTML objects in the browser very quickly.

  • Always set cache-expire in the response header.
  • Avoid viewstate for simple pages(by default view state enabled) or in pages where viewstate not needed.
  • Use gzip(or deflate) compression.

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DataTable Failed to enable constraints error

Recently I constantly encountered ‘Failed to Enable constraints…’ error when working with DataTables. .Net doesn’t provide any detailed information for this error.
This error might be due to
a) Query columns and Fill method columns mismatch
b) Column maxlength exceeded
c) Duplicate rows(when some join)
d) some other when loading data into the DataTable.

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Adding JScript Intellisense in VS2008 for External files

“Reference” comment in the JS file allows you to see JScript functions and objects from any external file whether it could be an another JS file or a web page or a web service or even an embedded resource.

The common usage is


///<reference path=”path of webservice or jsfile or webpage” />




///<reference name=”resource-name” assembly=”assembly-name” />



To reference Ajax library


/// <reference name="MicrosoftAjax.js"/>



Happy coding…

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my technical blog. Today I upgraded this site to BlogEngine.Net 1.4.5 with SQL Server as DB provider. What I noticed was BlogEngine.Net with roles will only run in medium trust or higher. I’m running this site on a shared hosting account, and custom overrides of trust configuration were not allowed. 

Initially I tried with SQLite DB(thought it would be more faster ). My hosting provider doesn’t allow to change default directory permissions. At last I switched to SQL server, site was running up with in few minutes.