WSDL Request and Response generator

Recently, I have developed a npm package WSDLStubGen to generate WSDL request and response xml’s for mocking. This is similar to SOAP UI request generator. SOAP UI generates only a request xml but not response one. The response xml is important when setting up mockup for wsdl service.

The npm package is located at

The source code is located at


Portable class library with asmx soap service

Recently I was working on a portable class library(PCL) example in VS2012 to create a proxy class for an external asmx soap service with return types DataTable and DataSet. The easiest way to create a proxy class to add a service reference. In my case, it failed. The add service reference generated codeĀ  contains XmlElement and failed to generate response messages with DataTable and DataSet. VS2012 gives a warning for Xml Element. Read more