Embedding a Simple SilverLight Map in a WebPage

SilverLight map can be embedded in a WebPage without any scripting or object tag in the form of a Map URL with optional parameters.

The map URL is in the following format


To embed in a web page, use IFrame tag with src pointing to map URL.

The below table lists available parameters for the map URL. All the parameters can be in any order and are all optional.

Parameter Name Description
mapMode the style of the map. Valid values are: Road, Aerial, AerialWithLabels, Birdseye, BirdseyewithLabels
zoomLevel zoom level (int 1-19)
center map center point latitude and longitude separated by _.
heading map orientation 90, 180, 270
pushpins map points in latitude and longitude separated by _ if two or more points then separated with ~
culture map culture

I have configured a Demo with Jquery to dynamically update map URL with all the parameters.

Demo is located at http://www.rajbandi.dev/Demos/Silverlight/embedmap/


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