HealthCare Identifiers for Individual and Provider

Recent National E-Health implementation added additional identifiers IHI, HPI-I and HPI-O can be used for an individual and provider on top of existing identifiers such as Medicare, Insurance etc. Different identifiers are used for different purposes for example insurance identifier is used when sending  insurance information to identify specific individual, IHI number used when accessing PCEHR, organisation may use one Medicare number for billing purposes and other for administrative purposes.

Australian standards provided new set of guidelines in 2014 to accommodate these identifiers in the health systems.

Every identifier should be associated with the following when stored

  • Identifier designation : This refers to the actual identifier code

Example: IHI number or Medicare number

  • Identifier Issuer:  Name or HPI-O of the issuing authority

Example: Medicare, Centrelink, 8003621566684455

  • Identifier usage : The purpose of using the identifier

Complete list of identifier usages

110 – Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI)
112 – Healthcare Provider Identifier—Individual (HPI-I)
113 – Healthcare Provider Identifier—Organisation (HPI-O)
114 – Virtual smart card identifier (CSP)
120 – Family Identifier
200 – Billing Identifier
300 – Business or Individual Taxation or Social Security Identifier
400 – Special Service Identifier (e.g. diagnostic services)
410 – Laboratory Services
420 – Radiology Services
480 – Other Diagnostic Services
500 – Individual Provider Identifier—other than the national number
600 – Organisational Provider Identifier—other than the national identifier
700 – Professional Registration Identifier
800 – Other
900 – Unreliable

  • Identifier Usage Start Date: Start date of the identifier usage, the date on which using this identifier began or will begin.
  • Identifier Usage End Date: End date of the identifier usage, the date on which using this identifier ended or will end.
  • Identifier Status :  Status of the identifier

Examples: Active, Inactive

  • Identifier Group : Group of the identifier

Examples: F (Family), T(Treatment), O(Other)

I think it is essential for all the health systems in the current market used by providers (practice management, EMR, EHR etc) to accommodate these identifiers to meet the identification standards. It will be interesting to see how the existing health systems such as ZedMed, Communicare etc. conforms these standards.

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