Migration to Net 4.0, ASP.Net 4.0 hosting server

Today, I have migrated my blog to a new server running on .Net 4.0/ASP.Net 4.0 platforms. Now my blog supports Silverlight 4/RIA, MVC2, WCF, WPF, Microsoft Chart controls, Entity framework, Linq technologies. In the coming few days, I’ll try to post and host some examples in these technologies.

The first thing I have noticed is the response time. My blog is running under IIS 7.0 and the response time is far better than my old server. The good thing here is I can access IIS 7 through IIS manager remotely and a nice web control panel to manage .net applications including recycling pools.

Also, I have moved my DB from SQLServer 2005 to SQLite 3. SQLite(VistaDB, Compact SQL Server) is the best option for blogs and other small sites because nothing much can be stored only blog related posts and settings and is easier to maintain.

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