Passed MCTS .Net Framework 4 Web Applications (70-515)

Smile  Yesterday, I passed MCTS .Net framework 4 (70-515), Web applications(VS2010) with a score of 850/1000. My exam is of 51 questions. The study materials I referred are MSDN documentation  Microsoft Self Paced Training Kit 70-515, JQuery Documentation. The training kit book explains each individual topic in a simple way although most of the contents you can find in MSDN documentation(not organised same as the book).

if you want to pass in the first attempt, focus on the following

  • 15% nearly 5 questions on Jquery (focus on Jquery core selectors, attributes, Css, Form, Manipulation, Traversing, AJAX) and 2 on Ajax($.ajax)
  • Configuration/Deployment (Web.config structure , focus on all the System.Web elements, Project references, publishing websites using Web Deploy, Publish tools, Generic config replacement)
  • ASP.Net Ajax(UpdatePanels, Timer, UpdateProgress, Postback and asychronous triggers, UpdatePanel modes )
  • 20% Web Forms(Page Declaration attributes, Content) and Controls(User controls, Web Controls, Custom Controls, Templates, Server Controls and HTML Controls etc, Data Binding.), Validation Controls.
  • Application, Page and Control life cycles
  • Master Pages, Themes, Skins, Stylesheets, Scripts, Site Navigation, Menus
  • 2 questions on HttpModules, HttpHandlers( asynchronous too) and configuration in IIS6, IIS7 (Classic and Integrated modes)
  • Security, Authorization and Authentication( Windows and Forms Authentication, Roles, Memberships, Profiles etc)
  • 10% on MVC2 (Controllers, Areas, Constraints, Defaults, ActionResult and its types, Views and Strong typed Views, Models, MVC structure)
  • Globalization and Localization (Local and Global resources, culture formats, meta:resourceKey)
  • Configuring and Updating WCF and ASMX service references and proxies.
  • Caching(5%, focus on Cache.Insert with absolute and sliding expirations, dependencies, OutputCache), Session state, Application States, ViewState, Control State
  • Data related  SQLDataSource, ObjectDataSource, LinqDataSource, XMLDataSource,EntityDataSource and Parameters(Select, Where, Insert, Delete, Update, QueryString etc), Linq, Entity Framework.

Also the new topics in ASP.Net 4 like Dynamic Data (namely scaffolding ), new Web.Config changes etc..

This is my second attempt for MCTS Web applications, My last attempt was in December 2009 for MCTS .Net framework 3.5 certification(based on VS2008 which requires two exams 70-536 and 70-562). I passed 70-536 exam but failed 70-562 exam with a score of 650/1000 where as pass score is 700.

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