OZBargain deals iOS app

I have published my iOS app OZBargain deals in Appstore. This app displays latest deals from OZBargain AU with faster navigation and loading using customised rest api.

This app developed using Google Flutter and Visual Studio code.

The rest api is deployed on Google cloud using app engine and uses Google firestore as backend. Also uses Google cloud schedular, cloud functions, etc.

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DataPower XML Api using NodeJS

I have developed a NPM package for DataPower XML api using nodejs . Datapower provides XML management interface as part of its Application Management Protocol (AMP). This is useful for managing data power objects and configuration when deploying. Currently only ANT Build scripts are available.

You can find NPM package at https://www.npmjs.com/package/datapowerapi

You can find source code at https://github.com/Rajbandi/DataPowerApi